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To keep everyone growing strong, Designed by Nature developed the Life Stages Formula Powders to produce the optimal balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.

We understand the hectic lives moms lead. This is why we created a process that requires little of your time to bolster the nervous system, the immune system, and the brain performance of every member in your family.

Our Life Stages Formula Powders are for the development needed in all stages of life, with an emphasis on the little bellies in your life. Our formulas fill the nutritional void caused by picky eating habits or the limited availability of nutritious organic foods.


Our promise to you...

Designed By Nature's Life Stages Formula Powder will never include artificial colors and sweeteners or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). Our products are pesticide-free and our milk is sourced from cows that are not injected with growth hormones to induce more milk production.

We develop our Life Stages Formula Powder in small batches to ensure quality in every pouch and vow to never use any preservative chemicals such as hexane or solvents to keep our products 'fresh'.

All of the milk we use for our products are sourced from family farms that operate right here in our home state of California.

We want the best for our customers and to inspire a lifetime of healthy living - one family at a time.

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