Life Stages Formula


Designed By Nature goes Beyond organic and is committed to only using organic and natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, color, genetically modified ingredients, pesticides or growth hormones.   Our Formulas are made in small batches using no chemicals such as hexane or solvents. All milks are local family owned farms from cow’s or goat’s that are grass-fed and finished on green pastures and made in California.

Designed By Nature Formulas contain a perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals to support growth & development of a young child & adults.

Our Formulas support rapid growth in children and can fill the gaps left by picky eating or limited availability of nutritious food. This nutrition beverage contains all the nutrients found in a balanced meal.


Nutrient-dense foods have stood the test of time generation after generation keeping children happy & healthy.


Our Life Stages Formula is a unique blend of organic whole foods that nourish your child’s immune system, nervous system and brain function. 

For health-conscious moms seeking a healthy alternative, and sensitive children who deserve the best, this pure formula offers wholesome nutrition at an affordable price. 


Definition of Nourish: Provide with the food or other substances for growth, health & good condition.


 Our Process:
Conventional Commercial formulas remove most of the beneficial nutrients with the use of high heat processes, hexane, solvents and chemicals. We are able to retain most of them by using a low heat process that protects the nutrients and preserves the highest quality nutritional values in a clean, healthy environment with integrity and packed with love.



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