Base Mix Life Stages Formula



Life Stage Base was designed to provide all the great nutritional benefits of Life Stages formula but allowing you to choose your own milk choices. Whether you choose raw cows milk, raw goats milk or camels milk  this allows you the freedom to choose what best for your family. (milk not sold by Designed By Nature check your local health food stores.)

Designed By Nature Life Stages formulas are designed to feed & nourish.  Made from pure, organic whole food, it is designed to support growing bodies, brains and immune systems.


Sweet dairy whey, lactose, nutritional yeast, gelatin, organic coconut oil, cod liver oil, organic sunflower oil, organic olive oil, acerola powder, bifidobacterium.

Add contents of pouch to 8 oz Milk of choice and 8 oz of pure water.

One pouch makes 16oz of formula

SIZE: 12 pouches included per box

Best if mixed in blender or with hand blender. Use within 24 hours of making. Can be frozen for up to six months. 

All products are fresh and made-to-order. Please allow for 4-7 days before receiving your product. 
We depend on other vendors to make all of our products fresh and healthy. Once we have all the ingredients, your product is mixed and shipped the same day.

Once you have thawed and prepared the formula use it within 24 hours.  You can freeze the pouch for up to 6 months.



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