Beyond Organic....

We operate on one simple principle: Designed by Nature uses only organic & kosher ingredients that have been humanly treated, gras-fed and we would serve our own families. Our formula models after the unique composition of breast milk; we even break down the fat, vitamins, minerals, protein, calorie, and carbohydrate counts to mimic the composition of breast milk. Moms that place robust health above everything will jump for joy when they hear our formula contains as much nutrition as the nutrition offered by breast milk. Pure ingredients never contain soy, gluten, GMOs steroids, corn syrup, antibiotics, or growth hormones.

Designed by Nature offers nothing but 100% nutritious, wholesome milk formulas.

We never heat any of our formulas. Moms simply mix the ingredients to create nutritious meals for the entire family. Our powdered formulas contain only milk that has undergone the Refractance Window Drying process, which by far represents the gentlest method for drying fresh whole foods. This high tech process maximizes the retention of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants.

We take pride in a production process that places high-quality over mass quantity.