Our Story

Designed by Nature was founded by a Dara Ree, after her daughter become severely sick.  After a long battle of being hospitalized as a new born a mother with a passion for health and nutrition wanted to figure out the underlying cause of her daughters illness. At 6 months old her daughter became progressively worse and was cover from head to toe in a raw oozing rash.  Her list of health issues were growing longer.  Extremely frustrated and scared for her daughters alining health she finally figured out it was commercial formula ingredients that was making her so sick. Finding that there was a void in the marketplace for healthy alternatives to commercial formulas, she was inspired to develop something herself for her children. Her vision and focus was on the idea that formulas should nourish and sustain our bodies, and also be made from pure ingredients.  Ella's body started healing quickly after having what is now Designed by Nature life stages formulas.  Ella is now a healthy young girl with no health issues of any kind. She is strong & healthy with no allergies.  She is rarely sick and has never had an ear infection.  Dara contributes Ella's strong body and mind to her first years on nourishing formula.



Life Stage Formula

Designed By Nature formula is made from organic whole ingredients that are nutritionally complete and easy to digest. Our formula contains a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals found in a well balanced meal.

We source our ingredients from organic farmers who are doing their part to preserve the quality of our ecosystem and to improve our health by growing food the way nature intended. Organically grown food gives us naturally healthy and delicious food that is completely free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. We also go beyond organic and our milk, lactose, gelatin and sweet dairy whey ingredients are kosher.